Pet Peeve: Mediocre Dancers

What makes a great dancer great is their constant quest for self-improvement, their desire to push the limits of their dancing. I believe that awareness of or searches for weakness and a constant desire to learn and improve are hallmarks of a dedicated dancer. Knowledge of strengths and abilities are important to having fun on the dance floor and putting on a show for others, but I believe that it is a focus on weaknesses that helps a person realize their dancing potential.

Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself, but talent instantly recognizes genius – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Note: Perhaps I sound like a jerk in this article. Admittedly I am judgmental and sometimes have an inflated ego, but I hope that tough love and constructive criticism is a good thing.

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Personal Thought: End With a Bang, Not A Whimper

Last night, at the end of Yonge and Bloor Blues, after our last blues song we turned back on all the lights and I played a couple soul/motown songs  to wrap up the night. The people who were still around and still wanted to dance got a chance to bust out the moves one more time and we got an upbeat end to the night.

I did it without thinking much about it, but when discussing it with Randy later, I realized that I did it because I don’t like anti-climactic ends to the evening. Read More…