Teaching in Saguenay


Last week Myriam and I got the great opportunity to teach in Saguenay for their “Jazz Me If You Can” workshop. A large focus of the workshop was on a particular theme that I personally love – solllooooo dancinnggggggg!

Myriam and I created a solo routine for beginners and a routine for more experienced dancers for the workshop. I love the process of creating so much because I get to really solidify the moves that I already do with coming up with new movement ideas. As teachers, it’s always a bit of a struggle to find the right difficulty level for a group of students that we are not familiar with but the participants in Saguenay were amazingly game for anything and everything – including the newer dancers! Read More…

Fall Café Adventures

Every time I travel, I’m always looking out for interesting decor at cafés. Mainly because I love taking pictures of fancy furniture but also because perhaps one day I’ll be owning my own café (how else would I spend my day otherwise) and like a scrapbook, I’m collecting inspiration and ideas.

My new favourite café in Vancouver has to be Marché St. George (www.marchestgeorge.com/?). It’s this nice little neighbourhood french café with only a few tables and chairs but super thoughtful curating of decorative and functional set pieces. For example – they took fairly beat up bar stool wrapped it with an old wool blanket and created a very unique look for their seats.

It’s also interesting how different cafés showcase their drinks and I’m always impressed when a barrista takes just that little extra time to make their drinks really shine. It doesn’t always have to be a milk drawing of a dog but at the current prices of cappucinos and lattes, I always appreciate something more than dump my espresso into a mug and pour some hot milk into it.

Check out some more photos after the jump.

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Bessie Smith the Cat


As a freelance dancer and photographer, some days just waking up and starting work in the morning is a big accomplishment on its own. It’s very easy to just sleep in and let the morning slide on by. As independent workers know, that’s a bad rabbit hole to follow – unless of course you like sleeping all day and working all night. In my house however, my two cats (Frankie and Bessie) has got stuff to do in the morning (work? who knows?) and wants to be let outside to go about their day. This has led to some fairly annoying mornings of being woken up by cat meows but today Bessie just wanted to hang out with me in the kitchen table. Using my trusty 50mm, I positioned my camera so it’s angled looking down into Bessie and the camera gods must have been looking after me today because Bessie didn’t move an inch.

A fun photo of my kitty that I like that took 3 seconds to take.