Jazz Me If You Can


Myriam and I will be teaching in Saguenay for a jazz/lindy hop workshop in November! I’m pretty stoked about it ~ In related news, that’s me above in posterized form!!!

Saguenay Swing présente: Jazz me if you can II

JMIYC est un évènement de danse dédié au lindy hop et charleston. C’est à travers la musique Jazz que Randy Panté et Myriam Baril vous feront évoluer en danse solo et couple.

Détails et inscription à venir sur: www.saguenayswing.com

It Don’t Mean A Thing… If It Ain’t Got That Swing!


Dans It Don’t Mean A Thing, découvrez les danses et la comédie muette des années 20 à travers l’histoire rocambolesque d’un commis de bureau étourdi qui tente désespérément de livrer un paquet à la bonne destination.

À travers cette entreprise en apparences simple, il rencontrera un gendarme amoureux; une patronne minuscule mais pas commode; une voyageuse à l’esprit large; un inventeur farfelu… Et bien d’autres personnages qui transformeront son voyage en aventure jazzée!

Mariant avec bonheur deux grands arts du début du XXe siècle – les danses jazz et les comédies muettes – It Don’t Mean A Thing vous fera sourire et vous étonnera. Avec la musique live du Early Jazz Band et la danse des champions de Swing ConneXion, dans un espace magnifique comme le Rialto, ce spectacle promet d’être absolument enchanteur!

Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/664600013565698/

* * * * * * * *

Discover the dances and silent comedy of the Roaring Twenties in “It Don’t Mean A Thing”, the crazy story of a clumsy office clerk who’s trying to get a package to its rightful owner.

Throughout this seemingly simple entreprise, he’ll meet a policeman in love; a boss who’s as little as she is mean; a traveler with a generous soul; a colorful inventor… And many other characters that will transform his trip into a dancing, jazzy adventure!

Efficiently blending two great arts of the 20th century – jazz dance and silent comedy – It Don’t Mean A Thing will make you laugh and gasp in astonishment. With the live music of the Early Jazz Band and the dancing of the Swing ConneXion international champions, in a place as beautiful as the Rialto Theater, this show promises to be one of the best you’ll see this year.

Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/664600013565698/

RDS/TSN Commercial



Yesterday, a bunch of hotties from Swing Connexion and myself took part in a commercial for the RSN/TSN network at Parc Jarry. The concept of the commercial was an impromptu but choreographed dance number involving various types of athletes while two fancy sportscasters walked down the park. It was actually pretty fun to be on set and watch the technicalities of the camera men and lighting guys deal with the ever changing conditions of being outdoors in Montréal weather. For one of the takes, I accidentally ran right in front the sports casters and was laughing up a storm of how stupid that must have looked but apparently the directors liked it and asked for me to continue doing it. So if you see the commercial on tv one day and are wondering who that asian/mexican guy is running in front of the screen, c’est moi!

As for the actual dancing itself, we pretty much did a bunch of aerials over and over again all day long so my back is killing me. Rock-step, aerial. Rock-step, Aerial. Over and over again. I’m sure that sweet sweet paycheck will alleviate some of the aches and pains but I have a new found respect for tv/movie stuntmen now.

I also spent a good part of the time on set drooling over their RED camera. nomnomnom…

Portrait – Kasey




Two weeks ago, I did a whirlwind twenty hour back and forth trip to the fabled city of Toronto. During that time, I was able to catch the one and only Kasey for a quick nifty photoshoot right outside of one of my favourite cafés – Darkhorse Cafe.

If there was a person who personified talent combined with sheer work ethic in the world of technology and tech start-ups, Kasey is that person. She is the Director of Business Development at Kashoo and is one of the few people that I know that racks up as much air-miles as I do. When you are shooting a pro like Kasey, you don’t have time to fiddle around with camera settings and trying to figure out apertures and shutter speeds. You gotta get in there, get those shots, and have confidence that they will turn out great. That is when those countless hours of practice of posing subjects and knowing your camera to an almost intimidate level come into play.

It also helps to scout out the location before hand and have a few options available that are nearby for the setting. Toronto Chinatown is a bit of an unforgiving photo locale as there are constantly people walking by and very few areas that isn’t heavily graffitied. Luckily, there was a nice area round the corner of Darkhorse Cafe that had some pleasing foliage as well as some neato bench/tree outdoor furniture combo.

More importantly however, it helps having someone as outgoing and general super awesome as Kasey to make these kind of sessions feel more like hanging out with a friend than trying to pay the mortgage. :-) Did I mention that Kasey is awesome, and if you are in the tech world, you should follow her on twitter-land: https://twitter.com/kaseybayne.