Summer Blues Troupe 1st Performance


Woot, last night’s performance at Cats Corner. First performance expectations are always hard to live up to but I’m super proud of my team and what we were able to accomplish in just two months. My troupe was also pretty cute in that they made me a nice card with some emo comments. Too bad I’m the tin man equivalent of a dance choreographer…

Jokesieesss I heart my team.

Check us out at our next performance at Petite Medley on Monday August 9th.

Guida & Kat – Dance Hotties

I had a great time shooting Guillaume Guida and Kat last weekend at Parc Lafontaine. They are such hotties that I’m glad that my two memory cards filled up after two hours of shooting, otherwise they would have melted my camera. True story. Also, fun little story – for the portrait pictures of them near the rocks, I was actually in the stream up to my thighs in the water with my $5000 non-water proof camera body. Living the dangerous life, one photo-shoot at a time.

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Portrait – Erin and Emilie


We found this little alley near Sherbrooke and Saint Laurent that had a nice cobble stone walkway, old fences, and beautiful shrubbery in the middle of the city. What a great location and obviously great models to work with. Erin and Emilie also had these nice hats that worked well with the nice summer morning and you know how much I love hats.

Summer 2013 Solo Gospel Routine

Solo Gospel TeamSolo troupe going crazy

This is the solo gospel routine (which ironically is a solo routine in team form…) we performed at Swing L’ete here in Montréal yesterday. When I say my team members “performed”, I really mean my team members “went buckwild like [a] prodigy child[s]” (shout-outs to D Cru). Really, they did. Watch their faces, they are going nuts the entire time and had the whole “I’m going to bunch a baby in the face” crazy eyes thing going on.

I’ve Got a Testimony Performance – FULL from on Vimeo.

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