Dance as a Team Sport

Being a perpetual student of dance is comprised of many components – dance partners, coaches, mentors and now very recently again, dance troupes. It was not until I came back from my first CSC (Canadian Swing Championship), that I really fully appreciated the benefits of being part of a really dedicated team.

The people you you spend countless hours in the studio with sort of becomes your extended family. You might mess and up and fall (sometimes literally), but the quality of the learning and personal experience is so much richer in the end.

What an amazing hobby we all have.

– Randy

Business Time

Hey Cats and Hats, after about six months of hard work, we finally revealed our new Swing Conexxion CNX routine at the Rialto Theatre. It was actually the “pre-final version” of the routine before the big weekend at the Canadian Swing Dance Championships but I felt that the team really gave it their 300% (as Maryse would say). The performance was after the showing of the pro team’s Le Swing Du Businessman, which I would probably describe as extreme lindy hop, or lindy hop 90x. The team pretty much what it seemed like a dozen routines back to back. The amount of cardio needed for that totally confounds me as I get exhausted after a three minute routine.

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Vagabonding – The Online Toolbox

One of the current conversation topics among my dance friends is how would you actually go about making a living while dancing and travelling as much as possible. Obviously making dancing your career is one way to go about it and I always try to encourage my friends to pursue that path if that is where their passion is. Like sports however, not everybody can be Kobe or a Messi, and that’s okay! An aspiring dance career doesn’t even necessarily mean being the top ranked international dance instructor flying around the world and winning all the competitions. There is money to be made from just doing things that you like doing and working really hard.

For me however, just like most people I know, making money through dance is not really the goal. We do it because we love it not because it’s the path to easy money. Yet, to continue to fuel our addiction, there has always been this little voice inside my head reminding us that I should probably start being an adult and make a living (also to go to the bank, clean, and such).

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