TUX 5 – Photos

Didn’t bring extra flashes or umbrellas this time around as I was in Toronto predominantly for work and had to pack accordingly. I stuck with a fairly light setup of one SB900 with flash bounce card and rented a canvas stand and “vintage” backdrop from Vistek. Putting it all together was a breeze, maybe five minutes tops with some help from two tall peeps (curse of a filipino) to raise the stands as high as it can go. There were a few close calls with the backdrop falling on people but that was because they stepped backwards onto the stands hehe.

An interesting situation happened – my two flash cards were nearing maximum capacity about half way throughout the night. I had to switch from camera RAW files to FINE JPG to squeeze out the last fifty or so photos. I’m not sure what the arguments are for having the photos compress directly to JPG but I was unimpressed with the results. It looks just a bit more washed than I would have liked but I will have to re-test for my next event so I know it’s not actually my post-processing that’s affecting the quality. Still, it was a great option to fall back to when the only alternative was to pack it in.

Till next time.

W-Project, New Angles, and Followlogie 2012

I did something a little bit different and filmed from the back of the room this time for Followlogie 2012 cabaret competitions. While it was neat to see a performance from the other side and to see the crowd’s reaction, playing it back just feels a bit off. In any case, lesson learned, next time I’ll head for the front of the crowd.

This is the routine of the cabaret winners by the “W-Project” girls here in Montreal. I’m a bit biased but this was definitely kickass (although all the performances were great!).

Year of Getting Stuff Done

So Tien and I have deemed 2012 as the year of executing and getting stuff done. We got a lot of ideas moving forward… crazy hippie ideas… but exciting never the less. What are those crazy ideas you might be asking? Well, let’s not get too carried away now. These ideas might uber-suck but let’s just say they involve more dancing, more pictures, and more coffee. Crazzzyyzyzyzyzy I know!

2011 was kind of a blur to be perfectly honest. After I wrote last year’s “in review” post, I promised I would never write one ever again (holidays + computer = sad randy cat) but if you must know, here is a quick re-cap of the year:

Randy – moved to Montreal, continued to grow the Toronto blues dance scene, joined a few dance troupes, ordered a latte for the first time en francais, danced with blindfolds on, got his own office, and is still searching for a new liver.

Tien – moved to Vancouver, competed in WCS, helped bring out Damon and Heidi to Toronto, took pictures of what he ate, and did a bunch of things called “fusion”. Also met a girl who wears abercrombie and fitch, he’d take her if he had one wish, but she’s been gone since that summer, since that summer.

This site is probably going to change within the coming weeks as well. Right now, we have it as “social dance culture” which is a bit misleading because social dance culture really means being out there and being social. You can imagine the dilemma of having a blog about social dance culture on the interwebs. Most of our deleted blog posts (the ones that never made it on the site), consisted of the following:

“Went out dancing, met a few new people, talked to some old friends – great times. Should have been there”.

So, we are looking for a new motto! Being indecisive, we have the following:

  • Hamfats.ca – Pictures and Stuff
  • Hamfats.ca – Randy and Tien’s Excellent Adventures
  • Hamfats.ca – Google “hamfats” for a Definition
  • Hamfats.ca – Not in Toronto Anymore
  • Hamfats.ca – Messin’ Around… har har har.

edit: Randy you missed an event ~Tien