Sometimes You Gotta Get Messy

Tien is here in Toronto for the week for work and we’ve been geeking out on our old photos and analyzing the way we have been learning photography – which more or less has been trial by fire. One of my goals in the next coming while is to actually curate the photos that we have taken and actually make a nice viewable and breathable page out of it rather than a cluster of photos all together. With that in mind, I have remove the photo section of this site so Tien and I can get our hands dirty in the next month or so and pretty much go through our bazillion on edited photos and try to find some decent ones to showcase. This is gonna suck (read: time suck) but sometimes you gotta get make a mess to motivate yourself to actually clean it up.

Oh ya, I’m moving to Montreal at the end of the month so expect some fun debauchery en francais soon!



Building Rapport with Your Subjects (or not)

So I’ve been gobbling up photography books and making sure I do my homework on popular photoblogs and what all the experts say is that I should build a rapport with my subjects to make them feel more at ease when taking shots of them. The problem is, this only works if you are less awkward than your subjects. You see where I’m getting at here? So I thought of a new tactic tonight while shooting some class photos for the Toronto International Academy – basically be the “barely-there camera button pusher man” and let the subjects do all the work themselves.

Ahh… to be a paid “professional photographer” is a sweet, sweet job. Read More…

Wining and dining wit’ a bit o’Jass

Fun Organizer tip: Organizing is tough, wine and dine with your guest instructor and everything will be fine. :)

In the last little bit, I have been working to inject my ideas into to the scene. Joining Dance 4U (Salsa dance company), instructing Blues/Partnering classes with Dance 4U (with the amazing Tamara Cohen) and Diane Garceau of Night and Day Dance. My latest foray: mini-workshops with out-of-towners.

You know, putting stuff together can be tough, with all the planning and organization, emails, IMs, chats, pigeon routes (I’m looking at you Tyson), etc. I’m kinda lazy and may seem all relaxed and care-free most of the time, I’m not; I’m a giant mass of tension and anxiety, especially when organizing. While I just want to yell on the sidelines at the scene to get better, it’s not going to happen if there are no shakers and makers in the scene.

For our 3 readers, you may recognize my pal Joanna Kassoulides from Toronto, who came in and brought some Sugar Shakers choreography (RE: SASS) to Vancity. Everyone was fantastic, the turnout was unprecedented, and the grin on Joanna’s face throughout the class was completely worth the sweat (no tears) for all the organization, and anxiousness throughout.

I just wanted to thank, Angie Weddell from Jump Session (Vancouver) and Joanna for working with me to get this all organized. You guys are fantastic. Erin June for being awesome and hospitable. And of course all the Vancouver dancers that came out and joined in on the workshop.

Ladies: Alison, Mariee, Rosea, Tanya, Katie, Lisa, Lindsey, Luciane, and the girl with the dragon tattoo (Sorry! I never got your name, and I don’t think it’s a Dragon tattoo either), Erin, Becca
Men: Warren, Chris, Barney, Simon, Tristan, Robert, Vincent, Evan

I do hope I have everyone’s names correct!

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