I Found My Thrill (On Blueberry Hill)

Patrick playing at Yonge & Bloor Blues. Jan. 14, 2010

Patrick playing at Yonge & Bloor Blues. Jan. 14, 2010

The first blues dance in Toronto went pretty well, thanks to our good ol’buddy Patrick Tevlin playing some sweet sweet tunes for us. For the dance, we brought in a live band to play the equivalent of one DJ set (1 hour’ish) just to mix things up. The responses from the community have been pretty positive so far and we’ll definitely be integrating Toronto’s great blues musicians into the scene as much as possible :)

Patrick Tevlin – Toronto Blues Dance – Blueberry Hill from Hamfats.ca on Vimeo.

Patrick Tevlin, Suitcase Sam, Robin Hatch
January 14, 2010

2010 in Photos – Part 2 / 3

I think that the most consistent theme that Tien and myself had this year was never actually publishing pictures that we have taken. I don’t know about Tien but I love taking pictures… and then going back to dancing. So I have folders upon folders of pictures that all have some sort of event name attached to them that is stuck in the netherworld that is Lightroom. Perhaps my 2011 resolution is to actually learn how to take photos in order for me to take fewer of them. Does that even make any sense? Ah well, here are a bunch of photos that we like :) Read More…


Jonathan and Bryony were the ideal “dance couple” students – eager, patient, and encouraging towards each other. While teaching a short wedding dance routine (with Alisha from Montreal), I found that it was very evident from their actions as to why they were taking these classes – for themselves and each other. I get lost sometimes in the performances, practices, competitions, and politics of dance. Johnathan and Bryony, this weekend when I opened this letter, reminded me why I love dance and would never change my “hobby” for anything else in the whole world.

2010 in Photos – Part 1 / 3

Lindybout IV - Solo Jazz Competitors

Tien: Speaking up this year, it has been a heck of a year, probably for the both of us. The start of this year, was the end of my time in Toronto and most of the Eastern scene as I migrated to the west coast, for the sushi, to Vancouver. This was also the year where I started fresh and really committed myself to training and shaping up all the dances I have done; In order of training magnitude: Blues, Salsa, Lindy, West Coast Swing, and Hip hop.

2011 is going to be a hell of a year maintaining this path. I’m just glad Randy has already been down this road, so he’ll understand this upcoming year of complaining, right? ;) The above photo is still my favorite photo I have shot this year; the Solo Jazz competitors all huddled in impromptu just before the music starts at LindyBout IV in Vancouver.

In keeping with our annual tradition photo recap of the past year after the year’s end, here are the photos we love, cherish, holds some sort of meaning, or stashed in our Lightroom closet of the past year.

Here is part one of our favorite photos of 2010 (we split it up in parts so we don’t kill your browser).

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