Dr. Feelgood

Kim Massie gives Steven Watkins a dance...

One of the most unexpected and awesome memory that I had from Emerald City Blues Festival in Seattle last weekend was Kim Massie’s rendition of Dr. Feelgood sung to our very own Steven Watkins aka Dr. Feelgood.

Here is a short clip of Kim Massie singing for Steven Watkins (I HIGHLY SUGGEST you turn down the volume, especially if you are wearing headphones).

Dr. Feelgood by Aretha (full song):

Class I’d Like to Teach

At Harbour Dance Center in Vancouver

I’ve always thought that majority of hip hop classes that I’ve taken were not actually directly applicable to why I like dancing – people. Most commercial hip hop and jazz (not jass) classes are really about one thing – learning how to learn choreography. The problem is, I’m never going to bust out a sequence that I learned on the dance floor. That is of course, unless the exact same song is spun from the DJ at a club then I’m cursing myself for not paying more attention. Read More…

A Schedule Board

they got it right.

At each dance studio, there are always nice little touches that lets us dancers know that the owners are actually looking out for us. Some examples I’ve seen include having a water cooler (hurray), wooden furniture instead of cushion furniture (sweaty dancers = sweaty couches), and having a lobby for dancers to hang out in before classes. What I find that most studios do not have however is some common business sense – make it easy for us to part with our money.

can it be any smaller?Harbour Dance Centre, the biggest and most likely the most profitable dance studio in Vancouver, has it half right. They have a schedule of classes on their registrar desk, but can it be any smaller? If I were the coordinator for Harbour Dance Centre, I would have some LCD screens around the studio that rotate the schedule of classes for the day/week and maybe a small video clip of the actual dance classes. I believe that a lot of would-be dancers don’t try out other styles not because they don’t want to, but because information is not readily available for them to even to try it out.

Future revenue lost for the studio. Future members lost to the community.

So dance studios – make it easy for us dancers and future dancers. At the very least, have bigger cardboard cutouts of the class schedule.

Nixing Bad [Dance] Habit #1

We all have bad habits that we’re not proud of. Some of mine include chewing my nails, constantly going on conversation tangents that makes sense only to me, alcoholism, and as my coworker delightfully puts it – supporting a culture of high fives. For dancing however, the number one bad habit that cheeses me off the most personally is looking down when I dance.

Why do I keep doing it? My shoes ain’t so pretty.

Most of my dance friends who I train with know that I’m pretty much a studio mirror aficionado – meaning that I’m constantly staring at myself and the choreographer. I can’t help it… when I’m in the studio and solo dancing. However, for social partnered dancing, no matter how hard I try to quit looking down, it always creeps up on me again. Bad habits… shesh. The irony is that I’m always ribbin’ my buddies about looking down yet I am not at the least surprised when I am caught doing it too. Okay maybe I’m just ribbin’ on Tien.

So here it is – I resolve to work on not looking at my shoes or the dance floor hence forward. For the three people who read this site, feel free to call me out on it when you see me on the dance floor.

If this doesn’t work, there always the the alternative and easier solution – resolve to only ever be behind the camera.

Done. Or is it?