(re)Building a Blues Scene – Part 3

Standing for Something

I was talking to Marvelous Martha this afternoon and she sent me a link to a leadership video about having a belief. It got me thinking about an exercise that we did for the Yonge and Bloor community about what we stand for. It took us half a year but I believe that the Yonge & Bloor blues community is starting to find its own footing in the overall social dance scene in Toronto.

Just in case you missed it, this is what we stand for at Yonge & Bloor Blues:

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Handful of Keys


The company line in Toronto has always been, “we are lucky to have so many great live bands”. Well, truth be told, I was not a company man for a very long time. Things are starting to change though and I’m slowly starting to see the light. I just need to look in different avenues and directions.

Two bands that really stand out are Patrick Tevlin & His New Orleans Rhythm and Up Jumped Swing. Both bands will be playing at Toronto’s main lindy dance (Dovercourt @ Saturday nights) in the upcoming month. Check out a clip of Patrick Tevlin and his happy pals playing at Grossmans this holiday weekend:

Getting Out of the Way and Getting it Done

Finally going to be in Toronto for an extended period for the rest of May and June. The past month and a bit has been pretty busy for me in terms of travel: Austin, Ottawa, Montreal, and Amsterdam. It’ll be good to be back at home and the studio to work on some ideas stewing around in my head. I also have a bunch of blog posts that I should have written while traveling but I have this uncanny ability slash weakness to fall asleep as soon as I get on a plane. In lieu, here are a few quick notes.

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Celebrating Small Wins

I look stooopid.

Something I am trying to work on for myself this year is to continually celebrate small wins when it comes to dance, dance organization, and dance photography. Sometimes when I think of the monumental goals ahead of me in my day to day life such as, “build a blues scene”, or “start making a profit on my dancing”, or “be awesommeeeeee already”, it’s hard not to get overwhelmed. So I stopped worrying and stressin’ and decided to focus on what I can get done this week. When it’s done, I celebrate (high fives, drinks, pork bone soup, etc). It’s amazing how much more you can accomplish when you have other things done from your list. Momentum fuels motivation which in turn keeps up inspiration. And as well all know, inspiration a wonderful thing.

What did you celebrate this week?