Jasper’s DJ Seminar 2010 (Re-Blog)

Check out Jasper’s UT-Swing blog post about DJ’ing and training up newbies. This is something that is recently on my mind a lot so I’m glad to be throwing this re-blog up.

This weekend UT-Swing hosted a DJ seminar to give some aspiring DJs a little head start and share some tips of the trade. I was very happy with the outcome. The newbies left with a better sense of what swing DJing is all about… or at least, that’s what I hope.

Link: http://swing.sa.utoronto.ca/2010/04/06/dj-seminar-2010/

For a previous blog post about DJing, check out DJing with an Agenda

Pet Peeve: Mediocre Dancers

What makes a great dancer great is their constant quest for self-improvement, their desire to push the limits of their dancing. I believe that awareness of or searches for weakness and a constant desire to learn and improve are hallmarks of a dedicated dancer. Knowledge of strengths and abilities are important to having fun on the dance floor and putting on a show for others, but I believe that it is a focus on weaknesses that helps a person realize their dancing potential.

Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself, but talent instantly recognizes genius – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Note: Perhaps I sound like a jerk in this article. Admittedly I am judgmental and sometimes have an inflated ego, but I hope that tough love and constructive criticism is a good thing.

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Organizing Dance Events & Momentum

When you are organizing dance events, it’s important to keep things fresh as much as possible not just for yourself but also for the tireless volunteers to help out to make that dance event successful. Here are a few quick things that we did for the Yonge & Bloor Blues dance event, “Jelly Roll Blues” to keep things fresh.

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Personal Thought: End With a Bang, Not A Whimper

Last night, at the end of Yonge and Bloor Blues, after our last blues song we turned back on all the lights and I played a couple soul/motown songs  to wrap up the night. The people who were still around and still wanted to dance got a chance to bust out the moves one more time and we got an upbeat end to the night.

I did it without thinking much about it, but when discussing it with Randy later, I realized that I did it because I don’t like anti-climactic ends to the evening. Read More…