5 Funk / Soul Videos to Steal Moves From

No matter how great solo movements that I pick up from afro-cuban, mambo, jass, and blues are, I always try to bring it all back my all-time favourite – funk (locking) and soul. To be honest, I have been neglecting training/practicing/geeking out this year, and its churnin’ me up inside. This upcoming summer however, as the classes and traveling start to wind down, I’m coming back home. Cuz it ain’t nothing but a chicken wing without soul.

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The Showdown – Lindy Bout Round IV

Oh man, Lindy Bout Round 4 was a blast! It was great to see familiar faces from Toronto (Alcina, Geoff, and Stephanie), meet + dance with folks from Calgary, Seattle and Vancouver and to watch and record most of the competitions during the weekend.

Thank you to all the organizers (Lucy, Eileen and Stephanie) who put in the work for this event and made it a great time, as well as the volunteers! Check out the photos I was able to capture above and videos will come soon!

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Solo Blues Cuttin’ Competitions

Two men enter, one man leaves

From the BluesShout website:

Solo Blues Cuttin’ Contest – This is a solo dance contest – no partner required. You may dance in any style of Blues dance. The music selected by our DJs will span the range of the Blues genres and tempos. Judges will select finalists from the preliminary rounds based on Blues Aesthetic, Musicality, Creativity, and Interaction, but the finals will be audience-judged. Please note that dancers in the preliminary rounds who do not respect the social rules of a cuttin’ contest will be judged accordingly

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How To Fill Up Your Next Dance Class

Wow what a great first class for our (Kathleen and I) first progressive beginner blues series! I can’t even describe how pumped up I am about having dancers come out and support blues dancing in Toronto.

So how did we do it? Honestly… it’s easier than you think.

  1. just lots and lots of hard work. Eep…
  2. relentless scene building non stop even with hurdles and naysayers in your path.

I’ll have a more detailed blog post to come within the next few weeks, I’m just super excited right now and had to post up something! :D