Toronto University Exchange 3D


Photobooth at the Toronto University Exchange 3D. If you want full quality pictures, feel free to contact me. I can email you the original digital copy or print a 8″x10″ copy ($10 each) for you. As you may know, the TUX event is all about being low cost and accessible for everybody. While you can definitely use the photos for your facebook/twitter/etc I ask that you keep the hamfats logo attached and image unedited.

Click on link below to see the rest.

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DJ’ing with an Agenda

Dj'ing Swing and Blues

As I get more and more DJ’ing gigs slash opportunities, one of the things that I am working on this year is trying not to DJ with an agenda. I have embarrassingly caught myself sometimes in the mindset that I am some sort of music missionary trying to lead the heathens on a path to Harlem heaven. From the top of my head, some prior agendas that I have come to gigs with included playing faster than expected songs, songs from the savoy ballroom era, jazz blooz, new orleans, and my personal favourite, playing really bad songs and seeing if anyone notices (JK… or am I?). Bad news brown I know.

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Why the Yonge & Bloor Studio is Good for the Toronto Scene

In the world of social dancing, learning and excelling on the dance floor is kind of a badge of honor. At first you are too shy to ask anyone better than you dance then a zillion hours later (only slight hyperbole), you are throwing down with the best of them. For a left side brain learner like me though, there was no way I was going to learn just by going social dancing every now and then. At best, I was knocking over follows less regularly as i would get used to the “move of the week”.

I have a confession – I am a studio dancer. Ack, I know. I used to balk at them too. However, I learn the fastest when someone a lot more knowledgeable/talented than me is telling me what I am doing wrong (usually the case). My fondest memories in dance have been sweating it out at the likes of Harbour Dance(VanCity), Scotia Bank Dance Centre(VanCity), Broadway Dance Centre (NY), You Should Be Dancing (NY) and Mad for Dance Studios (Toronto). I figure if I mess up enough times at the studio, I wouldn’t be so surprised when I mess up on the dance floor or just hopefully mess up even less.

So let me tell where the Yonge & Bloor studio fits in.

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Hamfats 2009 in Photos (Part 2)


One of my aspiring core values that really started dictating my actions in 2009 was pursuing growth and embracing change. Being for the most part an introverted person, it was hard to find my place when I first moved out to Toronto due to the lack of really hardcore training groups. Of course, there were like a four dozen mambo groups but I had just moved from training and taking classes in NY (frankie!!) and wanted a bit of a change from body isolation and combination exercises 438957x a day. It is worth to note that I did have a brief stint with IFS and have nothing but good things to say about them. To pursue growth in my art, I started self-training and collaborating with others rather than just completely rely on an instructor to tell me what to do and what to learn. Some projects failed for sure. And it was not the “LoLFail” type of fail. Theey were genuine, “did not work out at all and its better to start over again than try to salvage” type of fail. They were tough learning experiences but necessary now that I have the benefit of hindsight.

So what’s the plan for this new year? One part will be to continue finding new challenges and take classes/learning opportunities that put me out of my comfort zone. Wackin’? And oh yea, to always make sure I do not forget to pack my sb900 flash… until I win the lottery and buy myself the D3s.

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Hamfats 2009 in Photos (Part 1)


Oh man, what a bumbler I am. I got so caught up eating sushi in Vancouver with the family, friends, and random strangers that I forgot to post the pictures I wanted before the end of the year. Oh well, maybe next year.

While I can’t speak for Tien, I know that 2009 was a great year for murderous mayhem and dancing for myself. This was the first year I decided to really commit my efforts in being part of a scene instead of just being a coaster slash complainer. It’s hard work though man. It probably would have been easier on my mental health just being a complainer ;)

2009 was also the year where Tien and I started documenting extensively our adventures in dance and “in the scene” and have a spit bucket full of pictures that may or may not have been posted on our site. This is the first of three blog post of pictures that Tien and I have chosen that have some sort of memory of meaning for us (and maybe yourself as well) in 2009.

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