Hamfats 2009 in Photos (Preview)

Hamfats 2009 Review in Pictures

Tomorrow, I will be off to Vancouver for the Christmas vacation and to pass the time at the YYZ, I will take a cue from Boston’s Big Picture, and reflect on this past year through the photos Tien and I have snapped. The photos I plan to choose may not be the best technically, but I imagine that they will all have a great memory attached to it. Stay tuned :)

Tips for Enjoying Your Dance Outing at the Reservoir Lounge

The Reservoir Lounge

Social dancing at the Reservoir Lounge is like playing russian roulette with your dance outing (not to be confused with the real russian roulette which I have an inkling is played at the bar next door, “Vodka”). Sometimes you end the night having fun dances and great times with your local Toronto swing scene friends, and other times, you are sitting on the subway with your brains all over your lap in disappointment and swearing off the venue forever. Well why fight the good fight and try to change a local dance venue favorite here in Toronto? Here are a few quick tips for when you do find yourself on a Wednesday night with nothing to do and want to make the best out of your outing at the infamous Reservoir Lounge (“Rez”).

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(re)Building a Blues Scene – Part 0


Here’s the deal. Ever since I moved to Toronto, I have been asking, “why is there never any actual blues dances in the city?”. Sure every now and then we would get a fat dance from local events like the Toronto University Exchange (which btw, is coming up again in January), or late night at Dovercourt, but there was never anything constant to look forward to. I know, I am kind of a spaz about dancing. In order to get my blues fix in, I had to cough up quite a bit of bread to visit cities like Waterloo, Chicago, New York, Vancouver, and Minnesota. While those trips were always fantastic and worth the effort, reality would often settle a week or so after returning home and the urge to get that fix in again would slow start to fill up. Eventually I would get antsy and it was off traveling again. Rinse. Repeat. $ minus minus. Eventually, what I took away from BluesShout! in Chicago was that starting a blues scene in your own city can be preferable to being a traveling blues gypsy (although, wouldn’t that be the life?).

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