All Good Things Come Back to the Start

Andy and Nina taught a workshop in Toronto this weekend. Over three years ago, in Abbotsford, a small city in British Columbia, I attended my very first workshop weekend event called, Swing Summit 2006. That was the event where my obsession really started taking off and where I first took an intensive class for the “swing out”. Two of the featured instructors that weekend where I was taking beginner tracked classes were Andy and Nina. Ahh…

Followlogie 2009

Jo Hoffberg

It’s no Montreal, but I have to admit, Quebec City was a fun and delicious city. The only beef I had was that the entire event felt like a sales pitch for me to learn swing dancing. Well, I’m already sold on that so you don’t need to try to up-sell me to a large drink at every opportunity. The plus side, the beef poutine I had was crazy awesome.

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Toronto Cuttin’ Crew – Post Mortem

Shannon and Kim at NSBF2009

In many ways, I enjoy these smaller exchanges a lot more than the 300-400 attendance exchanges because you actually get to meet the locals and feel like you are part of the event. The 2009 North Star Blues Festival/Exchange was filled with lots of memories and great dancing. For myself, the exchange really was about introducing my friends to the awesomeness of blues exchanges and making sure they had a great time social dancing, competing, and traveling.

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North Star Blues Festival – Blues Team Cuttin’ Finals (Videos)

Here are the videos for the team cuttin’ competition contest finals (split into three parts) between Minneapolis’ “Team Planet” and our group, the “Toronto Cuttin’ Crew“. Representing for team Toronto, we had myself, Shannon Refvik, Tien Le, and Kim Dennill. Minneapolis’ team was led by the one and only Amanda.

Northstar Blues – Team Cutting Final – Part 1 from Harbord Hamfats on Vimeo.

Northstar Blues – Team Cutting Final – Part 2 from Harbord Hamfats on Vimeo.

Northstar Blues – Team Cutting Final – Part 3 from Harbord Hamfats on Vimeo.

The Best Prize is Always Hard Liquor

This is the Toronto Jack and Jill Trophy

This is the Toronto Jack and Jill Trophy

I was organizing my dance shoes into order of awesomeness and I picked up a shoe bag with a bottle in it. Alas, it was not just any bottle, it was the trophy for the Toronto Lindy Jack and Jill competition. You see, we dancers here in the great city of Toronto, like to drink in excess when going out. However, being asian and small in stature, I tend to not need a lot of alcohol to get my courage to ask girls to dance – hence forgetting about the trophy.

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