Truckin’ in Texas

FreshBooks Team Visiting Texas

Took a trip to San Antonio to visit Suizo and the fine people at Rackspace and I have never been more impressed by the local population in all my travels. I feasted like a king for every meal and had more patrón than I could ever afford on my own. They even bought us expensive Stetson cowboy hats (see above).

More pictures to come later :)

Lindystock 2009


Long overdue, but I was able to find some time to work though the photos we had gathered whilst at Lindystock this year.
Lindystock, an event in it’s 2nd year run by Toronto Lindy Hop (TLH), this provided good fun, and great time to spend with folks in the lindy hop scene. The only problem was, I was behind the scenes most of the time, running food and the sauna and not behind the camera.

But we did get a few! Enjoy them after the jump. :)
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Rhythmic Arts Festival

Rhythmic Arts Festival 2009

What a great weekend in New Orleans. Even though this year’s Rhythmic Arts Festival was smaller in terms of attendance than other events I have been to, there was no way this event would have happened anywhere else besides New Orleans. The event was in conjunction with the 9th annual Satchmo Summer Festival which meant that great were at every pub, cafe, and some instances, street corner.

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