Lindystock 2009 – Teaser

I don’t really get a chance to reflect back so often so it’s surprising to think that I have been a part of the Toronto swing community for over a year now. I remember Lindystock as one of the first Toronto events I have been a part of and is where I bonded and grew my love to dance (and camp). Now, I find myself back a year later and seeing new faces and enthusiasm just as I had a year ago. Stay tuned, there’s more images coming along.

For the <3 of It

Dance off at Dovercourt House

This morning, I packed my bags once again and geared up to head to LindyStock and do some DJ battling, dancing, practice more photography, and oh yah, camping. The following weekend, it’s off to New Orleans for a little bit of red beans and rice (note to self: remember buy return ticket to Toronto). My NDFs (non dancing friends) and even some dancing friends, think it’s great that I get to travel and go to so many events but to them, it’s just my hobby. But it’s more than just a hobby you see.

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Starting From Scratch – The Hot 6

The Hot 6 - Toronto's Newest Lindy Hop Troupe

These past two months, a group of us lindy hop fanatics have been getting together every week working on our jass steps and putting together a little… choreography. Things have been going so well that you can actually catch us performing for the first time ever as a group this week, at the University of Toronto’s Swing Dance Club on Wednesday and at LindyStock on Saturday!

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