Murder on the Dance Floor!

Murder on the dance floor!
So this past friday, my friend Victoria from the swing scene asked me to be her platonic date for a 50’s/60’s themed Murder on the Dance floor. It was an interesting time with a murder mystery to solve and 50’s/60’s music and naturally I brought my camera. Also to my surprise, I was runner up for the King of prom.
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Blues Shout 2009


This May I flew to Chicago for a popular blues event, Blues Shout. I met some really welcoming mid-western locals who were kind enough to truck me around for the weekend and got to dance with and gawk at some of the best blues dancers from the US. I ate an unhealthy amount of deep-dish pizza and received an intimate education of the Chicago Transit Authority (the venues were really spread throughout the city). I was having such a great time that I barely took any pictures. Read More…